March 17, 2014

I used this thistle patch to play with wikis some years ago, and have now removed most of that content. If I stick with it, this will simply be a place for me to think about things, and if you find it, you’re welcome to think with me.


Boom boom boom go the canons. . .

September 3, 2008

I cut my teeth memorizing the names, dates and assorted bons mots of the dead white guys ™ of the canon of English Literature.  When I turned later to the study of philosophy I was obliged to further file down my teeth on a bunch more dead white guys before I was granted the privilege of doing the feminist theorizing that I had joined a philosophy program to do.  None of this story is new to anyone in academe.  In fact, it’s sort of part of the point of having an “academy” in the first place — to have a tradition of scholars, and we follow in their footsteps.  It’s just that the canons of much western scholarship had become rather moribund by the end of the millennium. Read the rest of this entry »